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LsL Instruments Mongrel 2011 - Butterscotch

LsL Instruments Mongrel 2011 - Butterscotch

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Weight: 6.85 lbs

Brilliant Mongrel in exceptional condition, comes in original case.

Mongrel is what its name implies, a Mongrel. This guitar is a hybrid of T Bone and Saticoy models. It's an incredibly versatile guitar that combines some of the best features of both models in one guitar. With its T Bone bridge and P-88, higher output, T Bone pickup, it has the spanky lead tone that will cut through with a brilliant tone. Then in the middle and neck positions are T Bone neck pickup with the middle being a reverse-wound/reverse-polarity version. Now you've got the great T Bone neck position plus both of the out of phase tones and a new middle position tone. The Mongrel has a T Bone style control plate that is reversed with one volume, one tone control and a 5-way switch.

NC Lacquer, Hand-Rubbed, Butterscotch finish
- Swamp Ash Body
- Hand-Carved Maple Neck, "C" Shape, 9.5" Radius, 6105 Frets
- Black Lacquered Bakelite Pickguard, Hand-Made
- Vintage Style Bridge with 3 LsL Brass Saddles
- Vintage Style Kluson Tuners
- LSL Handwound Pickups
- Chrome Dome Knobs
- CTS Pots

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