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Gibson Memphis ES-Les Paul 2016 - Transparent Amber

Gibson Memphis ES-Les Paul 2016 - Transparent Amber

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Weight: 6.6 lbs
This 2016 ES-Les Paul hybrid has precisely the right number of F-holes to be permitted entry into a jazz bar, while maintaining the classic look and feel of a Les Paul.

It's maple top flirts with the idea of being flamey, but not enough to deter the Volvo driving guitar enthusiast who doesn't like things too exciting. The natural finish shows off the grain perfectly and it has a lovely dark rosewood board.

At 6.6 lbs, great care must be taken when walking past or blowing in it's general direction. The slightest upwind on a Les Paul this light, could quite easily see it drift of into orbit. Always a sad sight to see.

It's in  mint condition and comes with the original paper work and Gibson hard case to keep it from floating away.

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